Une équipe unie, engagée dans une vision et un projet de long terme

After a transitional period of moving toward bio-viticulture in 2015, Château Haut-Bergey has been biodynamic since the vintage of 2016.
Guided by Paul Garcin’s beliefs, the choice of this particular route is based on various experiences, some of which involved meeting with dedicated wine-makers, whose wines reflect the particular characteristics of the "terroir".

His belief was underlined with respect to the soil and the vines within a broader vision of their natural harmonic existence, underlining the human effort needed to raise it to responsible and artisanal level, i.e. to refocus the natural work of the peasant at the heart on original wine making.

A small, united and dedicated team work the project on a daily basis. A managing director, a wine growing director and a « maitre de chais » form the core, having the same respect for nature and their preference for well balanced, authentic tasting wines.

From the landscape reshaping, to the directing of the vineyard and the overall vision of the domain in its environment, the biodynamic philosophy is applied with precision and rigour.
The seasonal calendar and grape vine evolution dictates the work application whilst the dedication of the team, guides each step.

The work in the chais follows the same precision, selecting the grape variety, plot by plot and with the age of the vines in mind. Peak ripeness is sought, so that voluptuous, naturally fruity wines are created.

When it comes to maturing the wine, large barrels, made in France, are selected and used for the gentle support they bring to the fruit, so that the eventual result embodies as close as possible, the spirit of the vineyard.

As a true recognition of the biodynamic route, Château Haut-Bergey was honoured with organic and biodynamic certifications: AB, Demeter and Biovin. This recognition makes Château Haut-Bergey the first property of the appellation to be completely biodynamically driven.


The philosophy of Biodynamics proposes a global vision of agriculture by considering the relationship of the overall environment: macrocosm, solar system, microcosm, fauna and flora and the human being. This is an added dynamic involving the wine making process, the understanding and respect for the rhythms of nature.

The biodynamic calendar outlines the cosmic rhythms to follow. Each day, the solar system influences different elements of the vegetal world: fruits, flowers, roots or leaves and promotes which works for the better, whether it be a fruit or flower day, that is, a pruning or de-budding day or a root day, a working on the soil day, clearing leaves, repairing the trellising, clearing fallen wood and general mechanics.

The biodynamic approach or process is helped by applying 3 water diluted preparations. They are diffused in homeopathic doses at key moments of the plant’s development, e.g. « Maria Thun » cow dung compost in autumn, used to develop micro-organisms in the soil. « 500 » horn manure preparation in the spring to encourage root establishment. « 501 » horn silica when the first leaves appear to help their development.
Before each application, the preparations are boosted in strength by precise rhythmed brewing times that will increase their effectiveness.

Adapted up till now for small areas of vines, the application of biodynamic principles have been recalculated and adapted to work for the whole of the 44 hectare property.